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Saw Station for Jigsaw BOSCH PLS 300

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Saw Station for Jigsaw BOSCH PLS 300

For precise perfect saw and mitre cuts


  • Ideal addition to your Bosch jigsaw from the DIY range
  • The mobile saw station can be used to make straight cuts quickly and safely in laminate, parquet, plastic and aluminium
  • For precise rip, angle and mitre cuts
  • Precise guidance of the jigsaw due to guide channel
  • Simply position, set and saw
  • Horizontal and vertical mitre angles ± 45°
  • Max. cut length for cross cuts (0°) 315 mm, max. cutting height 25 mm
  • The saw guide masters both horizontal angled cuts and vertical mitre cuts at plus or minus 45 degrees
  • Suitable for all PST models and for jigsaws with a base plate 67.45 mm
  • Additional supports for working on large workpieces
  • Enables fast and precise completion of cutouts and rip cuts



  • Cutting capacity at 0°/0°: 25 x 315 mm
  • Cutting capacity at 45°/0°: 25 x 220 mm
  • Machine weight: 3,2 kg
  • Color:Green
  • 2 year Bosch warranty


Saw Station for Jigsaw BOSCH PLS 300

  • The Bosch mobile saw station PLS 300 is the perfect sawing aid when cutting straight in wood, plastic or aluminium--in fact, for all materials that can be worked on using the jigsaw. The PLS 300 is also the ideal tool for trimming panels or square timbers. The saw guide masters both horizontal angled cuts and vertical mitre cuts. It is suitable for all Bosch jigsaw models (PST 700 E, PST 800 PEL) and for jigsaws with a base plate 67.45 mm width (+/- 0.15 mm). Simply place the work piece on the station, close the aluminium guide, and then saw in perfect straight lines. This practical saw station has a guide channel which makes even horizontal angle cuts up to +/– 45 degrees and vertical mitre cuts incredibly easy. Set up, adjust and start sawing.
  • Applications include laminate, parquet, plastics and aluminium.
  • The centrepiece of this all-purpose sawing station is the aluminium guide channel, which guides the sole plate of the jigsaw and the saw blade. At the same time, it also holds the work piece firmly in place. The guide channel can be set precisely using an easy-to-read scale to perform horizontal angled cuts up to +/- 45 degrees. The work piece stop on the PLS 300 can be extended symmetrically using two modules that are supplied as standard. It can also be extended asymmetrically for working on particularly long work pieces. There are two supports to help the user when sawing wider work pieces. The guide rail including the carrier section can be removed for sawing cut outs. When performing rip cuts, the supports are fitted to the guide rail carrier. To make accurate mitre cuts on skirting boards, for example, the user sets the sole plate of the jigsaw to the 45 degree position.
  • Additional Supports: The saw station has additional supports for working on particularly large work pieces, enabling fast and precise completion of cut outs and rip cuts.
  • Absolute Accuracy: Thanks to the guide rail, the PLS 300 guides the jigsaw precisely on a guide channel. This makes it easy to perform vertical mitre cuts on skirting boards.
  • Alternative Versions: The mobile Bosch PLS 300 saw station is also available, which comes in combination with the PTC 1 tile cutter. The PTC 1 tile cutter is also available as a separate attachment for the PLS 300. This handy attachment makes it easy to score and break tiles or glass. The ergonomic design makes it incredibly easy to use. When cutting and scoring tiles, the guide channel offers precise guidance for the task. You are able to cut the materials at an angle range from -45 degrees right up to +45 degrees, meaning you can create the perfect shaped tile to fit your space. It also comes with two break pins.










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